Monday, January 30, 2006

Mood Music

It's funny how your mood effects the music you listen to and vice-versa... So here's my Top10 tracks/albums of the moment:

10. "UR Presents Galaxy 2 Galaxy-A Hi-Tech Jazz Compilation" ---> Detroit Techno compilation of some of the hottest shit to come up from the UR/Submerge underground. Brings back super positive memories of the past and gives me hope for the future.

9. "The W.A.N.D" by The Flaming Lips ---> man these dudes continue to amaze me .. now let's hope the forethcoming album is just as good i smlie everytime i listen to this.

8. "Dead of Night" (Electronicat Remix - unreleased) by Depeche Mode ---> DM came back strong this year with a solid album... Although this song is from the previous lackluster album, the remix is a beast! i feel "4am sleezy" everytime i hear this track...

7. "Get Em Daddy" (Remix ft. Hell Rell, J.R. Writer and Jim Jones) by Cam'Ron aka Killa Cam ---> Killa Cam and The Dipset crew are masters of the epic gargantuan beat production and Hell Rell spits hot fire every time. Although, their lyrics usually leave something to be desired, you gotta love it! i smile, start bobbin' my head to the beat and think to myself, "could it all be so simple?"

6. "Spirits In Transit" by 4Hero ---> This song reminds of a friend of mine whom i've known for only a few months but managed to make a strong connection... Makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

5. "Water of Nazareth" by Justice ---> Ill noize manipulation; hard and crunchy yet melodic I just wanna enter a room grab 2 drinks (a pint of beer and a tequila shot) then just grab a broad, kiss her dead on the lips while pushing her boyfriend to the ground and dancing a 2-step at the same time.

4. "Gutta" by Bumrush (unreleased) ---> yo.... heed my words. These dudes will be on the scene hardcore very soon! this track is a BEAST! listening to this makes me want to go right outside and stick it to the man!

3. "Shake Down" (feat.Starang Wondah and Steele) by Sean Price ---> this cat dropped one of the hottest hip-hop/rap albums of the year and was signed to the new Def Jam Left imprint... get the album "Monkey Barz" right now! my face balls up and i just start mean-muggin' everybody like "gimme my money, dammit!"

2. "I Lied" by Telefon Tel Aviv ---> hot group rockin' cutting edge electronica that is both crunchy and sexy. reminds me of those stolen moments... nahmean?

1. "Interstellar Fugitives 2 -Destruction Of Order" (Compilation ) ---> A Japanese Only release from Underground Resistance... Detroit. No one does it better. makes me feel like justice will prevail, no matter how bleek the future seems.