Tuesday, February 13, 2007

East Village Radio Set List (02.13.07)

The Blue Label Show with DJ Jamal Ali
(as mixed by special guest Rontronik)

1. In The Trees (Carl Craig Remix) by Faze Action
2. Acid Tracks by Phuture
3. Midday Blues At Night by 3 Chairs
4. Walking Machine (Sebastian Remix) by 3 Chairs
5. Gak 1 by Gak
6. King Of Bass by Isolee
7. Aquatacizm by Drexciya
8. U Men by Front 242
9. Enrico by Isolee
10. Spacer Woman by Charlie
11. Latent Quarter by Autechre
12. My Beauty In The Moon by Kelley Polar
13. We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentmoller Remix) by The Knife
14. Magma by Rontronik

Go To East Village Radio to get podcast (on "The Blue Label Show" page under "Schedule" section)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Album Cover of The Month

This cover reminds me of a certain kind of innocence. At the time of this release all I knew was the songs were fun and danceable and pure pop. A pop icon about to become a legendary and then living tragedy.

I was a huge fan and my brother was even an even bigger fan. In fact i can't think of anyone who didn't like MJ. Back then, he could do no wrong. Just looking at his face is a great example of the changing times.


I came across this ad from a '70s Ebony Magazine, posted on another blog. It brought back alot of memories...

My dad was a barber and owned a barber shop right downtown Flint, Mi. I remember when i would go there and see people actually pick from the haircut "style guide" on the wall.

Just a few months ago i visited a friends barbershop and he had a new updated version of the afro-guide -- a young kid was picking a style from it. A style of today (lol).