Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Album Cover of The Month

This cover reminds me of a certain kind of innocence. At the time of this release all I knew was the songs were fun and danceable and pure pop. A pop icon about to become a legendary and then living tragedy.

I was a huge fan and my brother was even an even bigger fan. In fact i can't think of anyone who didn't like MJ. Back then, he could do no wrong. Just looking at his face is a great example of the changing times.

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Gabriela said...

i just dropped "It's the Falling in Love" from that album last night; and then we got into this MJ discussion. let me tell you: as far as i'm concerned, MJ, Prince, and Stevie Wonder are GODS and can never do any wrong...EVER! one supposedly molested child whose parents scored some serious loot from it ain't smarting from the experience. perhaps he brought on his own demise though by writing songs like "don't stop till you get enough"...obviously, some parents took that song to heart too much.