Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Face of Evil...

the first image of Heath Ledger as The Joker from the "Batman Begins" sequel "The Dark Knight"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Highwire Setlist

highwire...may 10th 2007
gunseller and rontronik

grand national: talk amongst yourselves (fug mix)
primal scream: loaded (farley mix)
st. etienne: nothing can stop us
the cure: lovecats
the knife: marble house (emperor machine mix)
bjork: isobel (portishead mix)
amy winehouse: you know i'm no good
jazzanova: soon (smoovah mix)
grace jones; walking in the rain
junior boys: double heart
the rapture: 1st gear
matthew dear: shy
pet shop boys: west end girls
dominatrix: dominatrix sleeps tonight
lcd soundsystem: someone great
depeche mode: policy of truth (beat box mix)
thompson twins: in the name of love
kelly polar: here in the night
tracy thorn: all true (escort mix)
mark ronson: stop me (mix)
chaz jankell: pleased to meet you (mix)
japan: adolescent sex
duran duran: my own way
goldfrapp: twist (jaques lu cont mix)
twilight 22: electric kingdom
ectomorph: skin
spank rock: lyndsay lohan
channel one: technicolor
kraftwerk: tour de france
in flagranti: futile attempt
newcleus: computer age
debbie deb: when i hear music
charlie: spacer woman
artefact: mae
client: in it for the money (grand national mix)
bep: like that
nitro delux: let's get brutal
prince: 17 days
sheila e.: oliver's house
prince: soft and wet
the time: ice cream castles
justice: phantom
james ingram: ya mo be there
bjork: innocence
lil mama: lipgloss
j live: satisfied
jimmy bo horne: let me be your lover
clarence "frogman" henry: ain't got a home (nono kitchen mix)
basement jaxx: hot and cold
prince vs. daft punk: kiss
smd: sleep deprivation
aquanaughts: crackzilla
black devil disco club: coach me
escort: a bright new life
in flagranti: intergalactic bubblegum
justus khohnke: hot love
bim mack: personal move
gary glitter: rock n roll
happy mondays: 24 hour party people
charlatans: the only one i know
primal scream: rocks
jenny wilson: let my shoes guide me
peter bjorn and john: young folks
u.r.: base camp alpha
two lone swordsmen: showbiz shotguns
mia: bird flu (mix)
mu: jealous kids
black dog: virtual
go! team: ladyflash (smd mix)
fanny pack: sugar daddy
slash dash: white horse
prince: erotic city
xymox: stranger
black deveil disco club: oh left foot
martha and the muffins: danseparc
flock of seagulls: modern love is automatic
the rakes: we danced together (sebastian mix)
depeche mode: dead of night (electronicat remix)
the cars: moving in stereo
tv on the radio: staring at the sun (diplo mix)
broadcast: pendulum
grand national: your rules obey
!!!: shit shiese maird
white rose movement: alsatian (phones mix)
NIN: capital g
suede: my dark star
neon judgement: stood in between
orange can: fortified
the police: secret journey
orange can: fires
rontronik: she's magma
matthew dear: fleece on brain
fad gadget: back to nature
all of this & nothing: the psychedelic furs
thomspon twins: if you were here

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Album Cover of The Month

DMX: Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood
I've never been a big fan of DMX. In fact, i've only really liked maybe two of his recordings. However, he has one of the best album covers in rap music history. I say this because of the stark graphic quality... Does the hip-hop/rap genre need any more violence-related visuals? No. But the reason why i like this is because there's no violence presented on this cover yet it evokes visions of what could have possibly been a violent act...

Also, below is album cover i think was the designer's inspiration for the DMX cover. The Dwarves "Blood, Guts and Pussy" (see below). What feelings/moods do you think that cover evokes?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New EP for Toshoklabs Coming Soon

Preliminary cover art by Frank Zuber

I'm proud to announce my first solo release, "Magma - EP," on Toshoklabs. This will be the label's first new release in 6 years.

Tracklisting (subject to change):
1. She's Magma
2. M-I-A (Motion-Inertia-Axis)
3. Retina Flash
4. Sludge
5. Magma (Lava Lake)

Catalogue# TL 006CD
Release date: (To Be Announced)

Plus "She's Magma" Remixes by:
NKH (Toshoklabs co-label head)
Mark Feggins (Futurecurrent)

stay tuned for updates...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gawker: Glaring Omissions: Trace Magazine

Glaring Omissions: Maybe We Should Care About 'Trace' Magazine, But Then Again, Maybe Not

"Do you guys care about TRACE magazine? It's been around for 10 years, started in the UK with Graham as the art director. (He wen t to the Face and now at Giant) They have a book out now 10 years of TRACE. They have a tv station in Africa and Europe and an ad agency TRUE in LA that does all the NIssan ads. Anyway, TRACE and Claude Grunitzky are notorious for not paying photographers, meanwhile he lives in a 1.8 million dollar place and is always traveling to Rio. So.. at the beginning of January the entire staff walked out after not being paid. They came back for a while after receiving their checks on the 15th of the month. Then in February they lost the office space in Soho so the entire staff has been working from home. In March half the staff quit. The publisher, executive editor, art director and the ad director quit. Do you guys care about Trace magazine?

See it at