Tuesday, March 28, 2006

iPod DJs Rejoice

The following was originally posted on Uncrate.com:

"Numark is making things even easier for digital DJs with the iDJ2 ($TBD). Featuring only one iPod dock instead of two, the iDJ2 can stream two songs at once from one iPod, and also features support for accessing MP3s, Ogg Vorbis and non-DRM AAC files from USB Mass Storage devices. Controlling it all has been made easier with an oversize LCD screen that offers waveform display and visual track-profiling, and you can record your performances back to the iPod or any connected USB device. Add to all of this full cueing, pitch control and two real-time scratch pads, and you have the new way to DJ." --Uncrate.com

... Interesting. I wonder if the latest version of the iPod will work with it (doesn't look like it judging from the picture) ..? Time will tell.

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