Monday, May 22, 2006

Milton Bradley = Nostradamus?

In 1986, Milton Bradley released a game called Fortress America as a part of the Gamemaster Series of strategy games from the '80s (ie: Axis & Allies, Shogun).

The premise is the United States has been invaded by China in the West, the Soviet Union in the East and Central America in the South, with each player playing one of the invaders (or a combination thereof if you have less than 4 players) and one player playing the U.S. It takes place in the "not too distant future" as you play with "hovertanks" and whatnot. It's a pretty straight-forward strategic war game scenario. The goal of the invaders is to take (and hold for one turn) 18 American cities. America simply needs to wipe out all the invaders.

NOTE: Since 9/11 Fortress America has enjoyed a notable resurgance in popularity, particularly the first edition with the Saddam look-alike on the cover (this was removed from later editions).

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