Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Mix for the Coming Cool

1. "Mandala/Toronto" by Detroit Escalator Co.
2. "Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)" by Radiohead
3. "Biological" by Air
4. "Home (Air 'Around The Golf' Mix)" by Depeche Mode
5. "Left Side Drive" by Boards Of Canada
6. "Heaven Sent" by Esthero
7. "Slave To Love (12 inch Mix)" by Bryan Ferry
8. "Didn't I" by Darondo
9. "Ain't Gonna Feel" by Supermaxx
10. "2 Wicky" by Hooverphonic
11. "The Answer Is Yes" by Justus Koehncke
12. "Playground Love" by Air
13. "I Have Seen" by Zero 7

Download MIX 100906 (Quiet Storm Mix) here.
Running time: 37 minutes, 14 seconds

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like that mix. esp. darondo!