Monday, October 22, 2007

Rontronik: Magma EP Tracks Get Airplay!

Things are beginning to move forward with my first release (Magma EP)! 2 tracks were played on Digital Nimbus (KUCI 88.9 FM) on Friday night/Saturday morning show called "Electronic Audio Freakquencies." Keep an ear out and see below for details.

Digital Nimbus (Midnight to 3am PST)
Digital Nimbus Playlists

10/20/07 :: Digital::Nimbus [Show 257]
Electronic Audio Freakquencies

# Bitcrush :: Nimbus Effect [D::N] M/Cadoo
# Exillon :: Horn of Jericho [The Keening Dithers] Ad Noiseam

# Rontronik :: M-I-A (Motion-Inertia-Axis) [Magma EP] Töshöklabs
# Signal Type :: Future Funked [EP, comp.] Cultivated Electronics
# Jean-Paul Bondy :: L.A. Is Burning [The Path of Most Resistors] Compost
# Plaid :: Faster (L8 Mix) [Faster sampler] Warp/
# Gasp :: Green Scare Dub [If Only the Cold Morning...] Buried In Time
# Phoenecia :: Odd Job [Brownout] Schematic Music Co.
# Karsten Pflum :: Notarget [Idhax] Rump
# Autechre :: Left Blank [EP7] Warp
# Quinoline Yellow :: Liddingstock [Dol-Goy-Assist] Skam
# Velapene Screen :: Plastic Hamburger Hat [Crash Redevelopment, comp.] Co.Ad Audio
# Bauri :: Fleck Yck [Cottage Industries, comp.] Neo Ouija
# Legiac :: Dide Skin [Mings Feaner] Sending Orbs
# Ryan Rapsys :: Novus-Arcadia [The-Novus-Arcadia] Erratik Productions
# Lazyfish + Mewark :: Pomah C Kamhem [Untitled] K20/Peace Tech.
# Deru :: Spread Your Arms [Trying to Remember] Merck
# Secede :: Vega Libre [Vega Libre] Sending Orbs
# Adapter :: Massive (Dirty Version) [Table of Elements, comp.] M-Tronic
# Lith :: Norma [Electr-Ohm Comp. 1] Electr-Ohm
# Architect :: A Caine In the Brain [Lower Lip Interface] Hymen
# Download :: Zass Pie [FiXeR] Sub-Conscious Communication
# Displacer :: Cage Fighter's Lullaby [Cage Fighter's Lullaby] M-Tronic
# Defender :: Media Test [Wherever You Are, You're Home]

# Rontronik :: She's Magma [Magma EP] Töshöklabs
# Richard Devine :: Patelle [Lipswitch] Warp/Schematic Music Co.
# Meat Beat Manifesto :: Repulsion [Armed Audio Warfare] WaxTrax!
# Meat Beat Manifesto :: God O.D. (Part 2) [Storm The Studio] WaxTrax!
# Meat Beat Manifesto :: DV8 [Dog Star Man] PIAS
# Ben Frost :: Theory of Machines [Theory of Machines] Bedroom Community

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