Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Review: Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre (Live at Roseland Ballroom NYC 11/13)

3.5 of 5 stars

• biggest issue with the show was the venue....because of the stagehands strike, the show had to be moved from ethel barrymore theatre to roseland :( ..... they did well but the set-up was really strange and seemed a bit sparse as well as too spread out and no seating...

• the souvenirs were pretty bad... :(

• no special edition cd? its the release date for christsake....

• ACT ONE: Red Carpet Massacre - The Album
act one was a bit long and rather mediocre (their were some stand-out selections but overall, a little annoying --like watching an opening act that played for a little too long instead making it short and concise)

-- the valley
-- red carpet massacre
-- nite-runner
-- falling down
-- box full o honey
-- skin divers
-- tempted
-- tricked out
-- zoom in
-- she's too much
-- dirty great monster
-- last man standing

• ACT TWO: Electro Set:
act two was refreshing and very well done (basically one big remix / all songs meshed together over electronic beats performed live in kraftwerkian effect - best performance of the night happened here)

-- showroom dummies
-- last chance on the stairway *
-- all she wants is
-- warm leatherette
-- i don't want your love
-- skin trade

• ACT THREE: Essential Duran Duran
act three was fantastic except for the song "sunrise" -- it is by no means "essential" - just a bad song to me - wished they would have replaced it with something else / anything else ... the encore was very cool and extended remix along with remix vocals as well as end of the play recognition of the group/players -- very nice

-- rio
-- notorious
-- the reflex
-- hungry like the wolf
-- ordinary world
-- do you believe in shame
-- planet earth
-- a view to a kill **
-- the sunrise

-- girls on film (encore)

* favorite song of the evening
** second favorite song of the evening

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