Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rontronik Mix Bailout (A Historical Aural Journey For The Mind and Body)

With your pockets at about zero, why not raise the musical volume up to eleven? Taxes always make me cringe so i thought i would drop my little musical bailout on you. I was recently updating my iTunes library and came across my first dj mixes. So i thought i would gather them together and let folks hear the beginnings. It's a magical and historical journey that some of you will love and some you will hate, i'm sure. Anyway it goes, i think it will be a worthwhile listen. I hope you enjoy.

1. Autoworldradio 1 thru 6
[these are my first 6 dj mixes ever based on my first dj event called "Autoworld." It was hosted by me and and my homie Martin X at the late great Brownies (now called Hi-Fi)]
Get them here.

2. Epic Trilogy
(this was a 3 part dj mix based on a conversation i had with a couple of folks about the pros and cons of the trilogy in films)
Get them here.

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