Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Album Cover(s) of The Month: Street Sweeper Social Club (Tom Morello / Boots Riley) + Grace Jones

It's a double dose this month:

1. When i first heard that Tom Morello and Boots Riley were forming a new-fangled rap/band i was pretty psyched to hear what the outcome would be... Well, as expected, it's pretty good. Not hot, but good. However, i love love love the album cover. the name/title says it all...

2. My fellow designer Frank Zuber sent this over and i was immediately ecstatic! More about this cover Frank to come in an update...

Here is what Mr. Zuber had to say about the Grace Jones "La Vie En Rose" 12inch cover:

Earlier this year Grace Jones released her long-awaited, triumphant comeback album "Hurricane." 2009 the singer/actress/model/freak/icon Grace Jones is still relevant. "La Vie en Rose" was the third single by the jamaican singer. Jones' fairly radical bossanova/disco interpretation of Edith Piaf's signature tune became her first international hit single and a staple of her repertoire and later performed as part of her 1981 A One Man Show, then the only track from her disco era to be included in the show. This 12" cover is about pure joy that could simply pop up whenever hearing your favorite tune. The clipped out look underlines the non-perfectionist approach to life and its happiness. To quote Grace from her career defining album Slave to the Rhythm "if you're wondering what's wrong with my voice, I just choked on my own siliva" (interview snippet in-between songs). Welcome back Grace...

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