Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Album Cover of The Month: Spritualized (Special Edition Package)

new version

old version

This is the best special packaging release i have ever scene! A 12 track album delivered as a set of pills (ie: each track on it's own mini-cd in a blister-pack). How awesome is that? I remember seeing this at an HMV in London years ago. Should have bought it. Now Spiritualized is set to re-release the album with more special packaging and art (see below for details).

PRESS RELEASE (direct from Spiritualized official website):

The re-issue is now scheduled for the second half of November, exact release date is tbc.The artwork has changed, some of the packaging is similar to the original release.

There will be 3 formats released:

Ltd Collectors Edition - 12 disc pill pack + 2 additional cd's of previously unreleased material in new artwork.

Deluxe pack - 3 cd's in one blister pill pack. The original album plus the 2 additional cd's of unreleased material.

Standard jewel case of the original album in new artwork. The old design will no longer be manufactured.

Additional cd track listings information to follow. Pack shots of new design available nearer release date.

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