Thursday, February 02, 2006

South Park Personalized

Yet another project for procrastination. A friend hipped me to the "Create Your Own South Park Character" online game... Thought it was funny so i'm sharing the laughter. I created my very own "South Park Rontronik" (above). Many variations are available to help you build your very own personifcation - much like Mr. Potato Head.

If you want to save your creation, just take a screenshot. On a Macintosh: "Shift + Apple + 3" takes a screenshot of the whole screen. "Shift + Apple + 4" will give you the "Crosshairs." Then you can take a picture of your creation only. On a PC: Press the "print screen" button to take a picture of the whole screen. If you press "Alt + Print Screen," the screenshot will be of the active window only. For both PC steps, you need to paste the screenshot in an application because it will only store it in the RAM until then.

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