Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunburst and Snowblind

A visit to my home town is always interesting in many ways. This time the around was no different. the usual hijinx was applied but the tone of this visit was much more serious than usual. Here's a breakdown with a few notes and observations:

• My Mother's Surgery:
This was my main reason for going back to MI. The surgery was a success and she is making a speedy recovery.

• An Extra Hospital Visit:
An old friend of mine ended up in the hospital (survivor of a drunk driving accident that happened while i was in town -- saw picture of what used to be her car, she's very lucky to be alive). ..well wishes to her and a speedy recovery

• DJ Nights at The Loft:
Always fun times... seeing old friends and sharing musical stylings wish is that the sound system is replaced asap!

• Nightlife In Genessee County and the surrounding areas:
Taking in all the nightly activities and hanging with the homies is always crazy. This year was extra special because it was the first time in 2 years that the "Fantastic 4" got to hang together (1 of the 4 not shown in pic above).

• Visit to Töshöklabs:
My digital design collaborators (and former record label). Didn't actually get to visit face-to-face but did get to chat about our continued collaborations and future projects. ...special shout-out to The Big Truth!

Flint History Website:
A friend told me about this during my visit. LOVE IT!'s about time.

• My Brother's New House:
Wow! I'm so proud of my bro. he did a fine job choosing his first home. ...The difference in terms of what is needed to purchase a house in Flint, as opposed to New York is "night & day."'s almost like you only need a valid ID and a good credit report - that's it.

• The Goddaughters:

• My Mother Receives NAACP Humanitarian Award:
Due to her surgery recovery, she couldn't make it. So my brother and i were there to accept the award. It was an honor plus we heard Rev. Wendell Anthony make an electrifying speach.

• Evenings At Redwood Lodge:
One of the best places to eat in the area. I recommend the Steak Tips and the Wasabi Tuna. Plus there is a Cigar Room that features live jazz.

• 15 Below Zero Weather:
It's a good thing i brought my parka

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