Sunday, February 15, 2009

Putney Swope Ad Campaigns

Putney Swope is a great movie that was released in 1969 about an advertising agency that is rapidly going downhill and is grasping at straws to survive.

The company's board of directors has "token" black guy, Putney Swope, who tries to act as a voice of reason, with little support. He says he’s not comfortable with selling tobacco, alcohol and gun toys and feels the company should put themselves on a higher moral level.

Through a series of events, Swope ends up becoming the president of the company. He then starts shaking things up in the agency, firing all the "dead weight" while creating a radical new type of advertising.

The video above shows the ads campaigns created by swope and his new team. Note the movie is hot in black and white but the ads are all in full color. It's a comedy/satire on race, corporate structure and advertising.

Get it here.


Myrhax said...

Thx for the info...

Shawn Chittle said...

Now on Netflix, 1st in queue.