Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movies With Ron 2009 - A Recap

i didnt really do the full "Movies With Ron" this year and missed quite a few movies i still want to see. Because of that, i am only giving my favorite movie of the year (seen in theatre) plus a couple of honorable mentions and a couple of notable movie-going experiences.

Favorite Movie of The Year:

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):
-- Star Trek
-- Avatar
-- I Love You Man
-- Watchmen
-- Sherlock Holmes
-- The Hangover
-- The Road
-- (500) Days Of Summer

2 Movies I Wish I Had Seen On The Big Screen:
-- The Hurt Locker
-- Inglorious Basterds

Great Moments in Movie-going History:
-- Avatar: about 45 minutes left and the viewing is disturbed by an audience disruption
Guy1: "...No! I am not leaving. I bought my ticket just like everyone else!..."
Guy2: "I Bought your ticket, so take a hike!"

both guys get up and move into the aisle shoving each other. Guy2 hits Guy1. Guy1. falls to the floor.

Guy1: "Why would you hit me?! I'm over 60 years old!"
Guy2: ".."I'm 64! ... Get outta here!"

-- Sherlock Holmes: During pre-trailer viewing, a woman says to another "please don't chew your popcorn because we will not be able to hear the dialogue..." Most of the crowd chuckles. Halfway thru the movie, the same woman tells the "popcorn-chewer" to be quiet and that she is chewing too loud, basically causing more of a disturbance to everyone than anyone else...

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superbru43 said...

Great choices...for me its a tossup between district 9 and avataar as best movie.
Another one on my list would definately be "departures"(japanese subtitled movie-arty side though)